Monday, May 5, 2014

MFA Thesis

And I'm done!

The past two years I have been attending Memphis College of Art earning my Masters in Fine Arts. It has been a great experience refining my craft and creating a conceptual body of work that means so much to me.  I look forward to using these skills as well as expanding upon them to create even more beautiful works. 

For more detailed information on the individual pieces in this collection feel free to contact me at

Artist Statement

            I am inspired by the spirituality that exists within each of us when we are faced with the death of loved ones and the mourning process. The connection between life and death, the physical and the mystical-- all exist differently for each individual, but the presence of ritual, whether religious or personal, is comforting to everyone. The reliquaries, worn close to the heart, give a physical reminder of the deceased, while the personal grief is stored inside. This imprint on the chest is part of the grieving process and serves as a monument to ones we lost, but who continue to be a part of us.

The natural oxidation process of base metals, such as copper and brass, mimics the grieving process in that it is continuously decaying. The dendritic quartz resembles eternal life with its unchanging properties. The vein-like “growth” encapsulated within these gemstones resemble the ephemeral life frozen in a moment of time. Each piece evokes personal memories between the wearer and the deceased. These “Reliquaries of Remembrance” stimulate personal emotion in the wearer through their religious symbolism and connection to the departed.


  1. I'm so impressed. I love the presentation and your work is fabulous! Congrats. I'm so very proud of you.
    C Hinske