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Other projects from my Metals 2 Class:

Rutilated Quartz, Copper, Nickel, Photograph

Labradorite and Copper Ring

Brass and Copper Riveted Cuff

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Metal Purse: function and fashion in the form of metal

 Metal Purse: function and fashion in the form of metal.

This purse was so much fun to make! I love the lace textured metal next to the distressed leather. Also, I handmade the chain and added a magnetic closure on the flap. I can't wait to wear it!

initial sketch
Copper, leather, labradorite

Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel...I made it out of metal.

Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel...I made it out of metal.

initial sketch
brass, copper

Mouse Toy


For this assignment we had to make a toy, so I decided it was a great opportunity to make something my cat would enjoy. Watch the videos below to see what she actually thought of this "toy."

Metal Mouse
pewter, brass, plastic

Watch CeeCee play with her new metal mouse! Click here for video

Another video!

Broken Geodes

Earth's natural gemstones and altered industrial metal, a beautiful pair.

Broken Geode Pendants with Freshwater Pearls and Chain
Broken geode pendants
Left: Brass
Right: Copper

Broken Geode Brooch

Broken geode pendant on thorn chain
Brass, Copper, Geode



I love the personal connection a person has with a locket. It can keep precious items safe as well as close to the heart. These pieces were very fun to create. 

The locket on the left is part of my "To Life" collection. I etched the metal to resemble the design on the fossilized agate while subtlety hiding the words "LIFE," "CHAI" (in Hebrew), and "18." The inside stamping reads "The Lord is my Sheperd, I shall not want" and "Chai" cut out in copper. This piece is meant to hold photographs of loved ones to keep a connection with the wearer.

The middle locket has rutilated quartz stones on one side and hammered "sticks" on the other side. I called this locket "sticks and stones" because I want the wearer to put secret words inside. 

Left: Life Locket 
etched brass, copper, agate

Middle: Sticks and Stones Locket
nickel, brass, copper, rutilated quartz

Right: Evil Eye Pendant
nickel, brass, copper, labradorite

To Life Collection - Artist Statement and Images

Artist Statement

The natural beauty of stones inspires me. The individual stones tell stories that guide me in creating a piece of wearable art. The industrial qualities of oxidized metal next to the magnificence of earth’s raw gems create juxtaposition between the manmade and the natural.

The latest collection of body adornment represents the cyclical nature of life—from creation to death the pieces evolve with the growth and evolution of the materials. Time and external forces cannot be controlled, but the piece continuously transforms. The stones remain as permanent reminders of the ones we leave behind, while the plants and metal continue to deteriorate with time. The stones remain constant as an unchanging emotional connection the wearer has with the deceased.